Complementary or integrative medicine is an important building block in successful treatment for pain management and in other chronic diseases. We integrate different complementary and medical treatment methods for resulting in a holistic, individual treatment plan.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a combination of different treatment methods, including acupuncture, for the therapy and prevention of diseases. Different methods originating in China over the last 2500 years have been developed further in China as well as in the West. It is generally described as a holistic and functional medical system and comprises many sub-areas. We offer acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy as complementary techniques for pain management and have successfully used it in other patients with problems of the upper respiratory tract, urinary tract and geriatric animals.


Acupuncture refers to the introduction of sterile needles into the body for therapeutic or preventive purposes and its theory is based on physiological principles. The insertion of needles causes a stimulation of nerve endings in the skin and muscles. This stimulation leads to the release of pain-relieving substances via nerve reflexes. In the animal, very fine thin needles are used for acupuncture and, depending on the requirements, they are left for 20 to 40 minutes. Most animals tolerate the needles very well and even may fall sleep during the treatment.For “needle-shy animals”, a laser for the therapy of acupuncture points can be used.

In addition to the classic use in pain therapy, acupuncture has also been successfully be used for chronic behavioral changes and chronic gastrointestinal disorders.