Pain Management

The fact that animals can also suffer from pain is fortunately not questioned anymore. Chronic pain in particular can greatly reduce the quality of life of animals. The options and techniques for pain management has improved and advanced in the last few years. The first step to effective pain management is the detection of pain. Since animals can not speak, this remains a challenge for the veterinarian and animal owner. Good observation skills and targeted questioning require a lot of experience. To see if your animal may suffer from chronic pain please see the following questionnaire (LINK pdf). In recent years, the managment of pain has changed with our improved knowledge of pharmacological (drug) treatments as well as complementary methods like acupuncture, phytotherapy and manual physical therapy. Individualised care with a treatment plan tailored to humans has been shown in the medical field to be an essential component of the therapy of chronic pain and this can be transferred to veterinary medicine. We offer consultations for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic pain in animals and together with the pet owner we make an individual treatment plan.